Writing for a better world

The bristlecone pine is the oldest, toughest tree on the planet. Older than the pyramids of Egypt, these coniferous ancients live in several arid, mountainous regions of the western United States. The oldest known specimen is Methuselah, which has lived in the White Mountains of California for 4,789 years, making it far older than even the earliest seeds of what we would consider Western civilization.

There is wisdom in such trees, out of which Bristlecone Communications was born.

Jeff Gailus smilingBristlecone Communications is owned, operated and enjoyed by Jeff Gailus, an award-winning writer and author from Calgary, Alberta. A firm believer in the critical role of quality journalism in bringing about positive social change, I specialize in professional writing and editing services (particularly reports, essays, books, magazine features and web content).

My writing has been featured in a variety of national and provincial magazines and newspapers, including AlbertaViews, Alberta Venture, Calgary Herald, Canadian Geographic, Explore, Globe and Mail, Hooked on the Outdoors and Western Living.

My work has been acknowledged by a number of awards, including Story of the Year from the Associated Collegiate Press, numerous nominations for magazine feature writing at the western Canadian and national levels, and grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for my book about the mythical Great Plains grizzly bear. More recently, I received a Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship, awarded each year to support “future conservation leaders.”

I have taught writing at both the University of Oregon and the University of Montana, where I completed an M.Sc. in Environmental Studies.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, and can be reached at jeff@gailus.ca.