The Grizzly Manifesto
In Defence of the Great Bear

"Gailus delivers a left hook to Parks Canada's bogus claims to put conservation ahead of tourist development, and gives a well deserved right cross to our cynical Alberta Government, which seems bent on letting grizzly bears blink out into oblivion. If you care about wild bears and wild lands, read this book."

Sid Marty recently won the Grant MacEwan Literary Arts Award,
Albert'a most prestigous writing prize. His latest book,
Black Grizzly at Whiskey Creek
, was a finalist
for the Governor General's Literary Award.


Like the roar of an angry bear, this book should set your pulse racing. Jeff Gailus weaves science, policy, and personal experience into a passionate and provocative critique of Canada's failed efforts to halt the decline of the grizzly bear.

David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer, professor, activist
and author of Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian
Environmental Law and Policy.

Following in the Great Bears' footsteps from Yellowstone National Park through the Canadian Rockies to the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness, Jeff Gailus explores the unique biological and political circumstances that make it difficult for grizzly bears and people to share the same landscapes.

Shocking and compassionate, The Grizzly Manifesto provides an insightful look into the complex and sometimes insidious political machinations that will determine the fate of grizzly bears in the North American West.

The grizzly bear is something of a survivor. It arrived in North America some 50,ooo years ago, and has outlived legions of equally formidable carnivores, such as short-faced bears and sabre-toothed cats, and survived the arrival of spear-wielding humans 13,000 years ago.

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The arrival of gun-toting Europeans , however, proved to be a somewhat more formidable problem. In the last 200 years, the grizly bear has been exterminated from much of its range. Despite the relatively successful recovery of the grizzly bear in and around Yellowstone National Park, the bears’ decline continues largely unchecked.

The protection RacketToday, the front line in this centuries-old battle for survival has shifted to western Alberta and southern BC, where outdated mythologies, rapacious industrial development and disingenuous governments continue to push the Great Bear further into the mountains and toward a future that may not have room for them at all.

Thankfully, there is another kind of movment afoot. Hundreds of scientists and conservationists, along with thousands of citizens that value sustainable development and responsible government, work tirelessly to define a better future for the grizzly bear and all that it represents.

This is the story told in The Grizzly Manifesto. Click here to read an excerpt.

Jeff Gailus has spent hundreds of hours observing grizzlies and guiding people through bear country. His poignant journalism and commitment to conservation have earned him a Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship and a "Story of the Year" award from the Associated Collegiate Press. To follow-up The Grizzly Manifesto, Jeff will release The Wolf Manifesto, to be published by RMB in Fall 2010.

The Grizzly Manifesto will be published in May, 2010. Jeff is available for readings, interviews and speaking engagements regarding The Grizzly Manifesto.

Please contact Neil Wedin for further information or to obtain media copies for review or excerpting.


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