“Gailus's Manifesto is an up-to-date indictment of our failure as westerners to protect the utlimate symbol of wilderness, and makes hollow our claim to be a unique citizenry with a special connection to the land.  Gailus delivers a left hook to Parks Canada's bogus claims to put conservation ahead of tourist development, and gives a well deserved right cross to our cynical Alberta Government, which seems bent on letting grizzly bears blink out into oblivion. If you care about wild bears and wild lands, read this book."

Sid Marty, who recently won the Grant MacEwan Literary Arts Award, Albert'a most prestigous writing prize. His latest book, Black Grizzly at Whiskey Creek, was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award. 


"Brack Country" wins honourable mention
at 2010 Alberta Magazine Showcase

Brack Country by Jeff Gailus



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